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Originally Posted by commadorebob View Post
No, we will leave promoting to the Shadowcat Masters. We are working on a master roster file right now. Once it is done, I will promote everyone who is eligible to Shadowcat Crafting Specialist unless they contact us to let us know what they want.

Remember the rule is "Promotion is granted after 7 active days." so if a player doesn't respond they may not be active in the fleet and in such case will not be eligible for promotion.

You can check to see when a fleet member last logged in by viewing the roster in game and checking the "Status" list, which is another option available where you can also choose "Member Comments" and "Officer Comments".

Of course receiving mail or talking to a member via chat is a much more accurate way of estimating if a member has been active, while viewing the fleet holdings leaderboard tab is also another way of estimating if a member has been active.

I'm currently updating the new Google doc roster now and I'm making considerable progress, although this information will only be available to the Shadowcat Masters for security reasons.


Originally Posted by captainrevo1 View Post
Just wanted to take a moment to say that in the next couple of days we will be able to start construction on our tier 1 shipyard, and then onto the tier 1 base.

Contributions have been very fast so far and everyone is doing a superb job. Well done cats.
I also concur with that statement, we'r making a considerable push forward and it's all thanks to the group effort by our Shadowcat Specialists, Elites and Masters!

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