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07-15-2012, 06:37 PM
This kind of bug may happen but it's like a good pug : it's extremely rare.

When you can't report a mission while you are on the last map (it is what everyone should do before complaining), you should check :
- the dialogs : didn't you miss something? A hail from the station, freighter, or whatever. It can be a part of the objectives, killing everyone may not be enough.
- the objectives : didn't you miss something? If there is no "report to x" while you are on the last map, use your common sense, don't warp out and double check objectives.

If you think a bug occured, drop the mission, do not start it again, just drop it, and then, take it again. If the "bug"happens again, then you did something wrong, because all missions work, unless youy have broken files on your computer (something extemely rare too, and many things would not work before a mission report anyway). Some missions might have a problem but the tip I give you fixes it with a 99.99% chance.

I0 all this doesn't work, even with a lot of caution, then you may send a ticket, but don't say a mission is bugged, because 99% of us completed it without any issue. It may be very specific.

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