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Originally Posted by hakaishinlegion View Post
This is a BOP without the Universal BOFFs, 1 less weapon, and no cloak.

Completely worthless. There are better T4 (Cap-RA) ships.

Definitely not worth the VA crap.
The BoP has 4/2 Weapons load out too.

Originally Posted by ferdzso0 View Post
best part is, if we cry loud enough, Cryptic might give a cloak to this, so it will be like the BoP.

but they will only give a cloak, not a battle cloak, as a console (hell, they might go for the defiant one, so you have to buy the defiant too). so it will be pretty much a fail, but less ppl will feel butthurt
What possible logical reason could there be to add a cloaking device to this ship? CBS has said no to Federation cloaking the Defiant R and Galaxy X are exceptions to this rule because on screen they did in fact have cloaking devices. Crying will not have an effect here, Starfleet don't use Cloaking Devices KDF does.

Just another note on useless/pointless ships here, the Bortasqu Hoh'Sus Bird of Prey has also been made, it's got the same layout as a Hegh'tha (Standard BoP) and a weaker hull and shields. It doesn't turn better or anything and yet it exists.

I'm scratching my head here, why would they make the detachables into Fleet ships can I sneak a 6th guy into a 5 man if he's docked with me?
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