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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
I've heard that the graviton beam used to be a lot stronger but got overnerfed into uselessness.
That's absolutely correct.

There used to be a thing that you could do, which would shut down things in STFs for the whole time you were in it. Like Infected and KA, you could knock out the Nanite Generators, then kill the transformers no problem, and then easily kill the gate with little problem. Rinse and repeat for KA, just with two gates. For Cure, all the Nanite things under the cubes could be easily taken out, then the cubes could be attacked and killed all at the same time.

Then for all three, it was just a matter of cleaning up.

Anyways, I do like your suggestion, although my thought was to instead give a damage resistance debuff for a decent amount of time. Perhaps it would scale somewhat to your current aux power as well. I wouldn't even mind if it only worked on the Borg, it'd make sense after all.

that said unfortunately, they probably won't ever make the MACO 3-piece useful ever again.