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Originally Posted by castsbugc View Post
I absolutely do NOT support the idea of giving preferential treatment to 'popular' missions. Sorry, but there are far too many missions already that get ignored or relegated to the bowels of the lists to have that sort of precident set into place, I say all(or most all) or none.

That said, yes it would be really nice to get an ETA, or at the very least, turn the editor and the save system on so we can at least get about the business of working while we wait for the real show to get back on the road.
The way you say that, makes me sound like a monster.

The idea was to speed up recovery and get the Foundry back up online sooner by having less missions to recover back to the database. That way the Foundry authors and the Foundry players, don't have to wait days or weeks for it to be restored.

And the idea for the triage prioritizing the popular missions is that those missions would very likely be the first ones people will play (outside of those exploit foundry missions). At the same time, they wouldn't have to republish those missions, which would cause stress on the servers.

As for those being ignored, wouldn't a reset benefit them by getting a second chance with a fresh start? I too would like them to get their fair share. Of course that alone should be a thread in brainstorming ideas that revises the system. Like categorizing stories into various Trek genres.