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# 6 Interesting!!!
04-25-2009, 03:31 PM
Very Interesting read!!! I enjoy reading the regular Paths, and I also like reading the Supplemental Logs--and this one is really good!

Do you remain in contact with Captain Chakotay?

Iím afraid I do not see the relevance of your question.

Please, humor me.

Naturally, I remain in contact with most of the crewmembers from Voyager. We all spent a great deal of time together and remain close.
I think the reporter there somehow heard about the Chakotay/Seven of Nine Romance that was going on just before Voyager came home, and was going for a little bit of a Tabloid Approach by asking about it in an indirect way. However, she shot that attempt down in a major big hurry!

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I think we all know that the Borg are still a threat and always will be until we know they have been destroyed!! Annika's work at the Daystrom Institute will help a lot when we next meet the Borg but how can Starfleet not have a fleet ready for them! All I know is my ship will be as ready as it can be.
I'm with you there!!!! In fact, I intend to have Transphasic Torpedoes as Standard Armament on ALL of my ships!!! Along with a little something I call the Main Deflector Cannon--which will be a potent weapon not just against the Borg, but also against any kind of enemy!!!
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