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Originally Posted by robdmc View Post
I don't think they should change the Aux offline time since in PvP it can be a death sentence to a science vessel.
I don't really agree because even though it maybe a death sentence for science (I'm not sure), but what about those who are Tactical or Engineering captains in PvP? I'm sure they won't really mind their Auxiliary Power being offline for a mere 5 seconds, especially the Borg (Doesn't seem to affect them) in PvE and 'others' in missions (Klingon, Romulan, Dominion, etc).

Originally Posted by robdmc View Post
What the need to fix is when the grav beam is charging that your weapons don't stop firing.
That I agree with. I'm flying an escort too. I wouldn't want my ship to stop firing suddenly when I'm using Rapid Fire or Scatter Volley.

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