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Originally Posted by dapperdrake View Post
In fleet action Starbase fleet defence. This female Klingon doesn't want to stop talking. Even though you end up the fleet action. She is still talking. Any sound are muted or almost muted. Can you imagine you're on DS9 and the female klingon is still talking.
The only way I found to resolv this .IT's restart the game. I confess it's little bit boring
It's not just KDF side.

The excitable young man on SF side gets caught in a loop And when he does my FPS goes into decimal points. (The audio files start stacking and it tries to play multiple ones at one).

Map: Starbase Fleet Defense

Windows 7-64
Coire2Quad 3.0Ghz
4G DDR2 @ 1066
GTX275 (Drivers: 295.73)
Realtek HD Audio onboard (Drivers: 6/19/2012)
Generic analog stereo speakers.
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