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I have had the same problem and tried 4 times yesterday with a Fed Character. I doubled checked everything - all was correct but after the Loriss cutscene the first mission box reverts to 'go to DS9' but I still have the 'Flee Circus' box with 'Warp to Bayor.' A 'Contact DS9 Button' flashes up briefly and disappears. You cannot report it and you can wait for ever. In one attempt I flew around while waiting and the 'Dreadnought' fleet appeared from the 'Worm Hole.'
I have done this mission many times without a problem, the day before I did it with my KDF character and had the same problem on the first attempt but it went through the second time ever though I failed two of the conference objectives and lost two of the 4 Fed shipments in the escape sequence. I need the Jem'Hadar ground set for this Character so I hope it is resolved soon!
Just ran it again with the same result - there is no way I can finish this mission which is very frustrating, I ran 'Of Bajor' first with no problems to check functionality. As a 'Systems Analyst' there is a definite issue here - the question is where, on the server or in the download files on my pc? It would be interesting to know if any Level 50 Character has completed it successfully since 'Season 6' went live?