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Negh'var. D7 is monstrously ugly.


The D-7 is the boxiest, and worse "design" I have ever seen. It honestly looked like a second grader drew a picture and gave it to his father who happened to be in charge of creating the art of the D-7. Even then it looks "unfinished", as if the artist just stopped and went home or got fired after making a pathetic design.

The BoP screams "KLINGON" to me. I don't care if they "stole" the design, or if the script changed and they ended up "getting" the BoP. I don't care what movie or series it appeared or .. didn't appear in. I don't care what ship blew up what ship in what series during what time. When I see a BoP I will find myself biting my lip thinking "ok how many of them are out there ..." and wondering just what amazing idea the captain of the "inferior" BoP will use to knock a hole in a Galaxy class cruiser.

D7 - afterthought of a "what could have been" design

BoP - Everything a Klingon represents and I play STO just to fly one.