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07-16-2012, 12:17 PM
Almost seems like you could do the same thing with the Traelus system repair daily. MAybe once you complete the repair mission daily 100x or 500x you get a Transwarp to Traelus system option and title "Repairman" or "Handyman" (maybe Transwarp at 100x, title at 500x?). I dunno.

Ahh well, pipe dream to get too many transwarp locations opened up. Then we might actually be able to get things done timely without having to "fly" all over the danged place. But that would be one of those endgame things to make it a bit easier on Lvl 50 players who grind dailies, which tends to take forever on account of all the flying around (even with the few transwarp locations already available), etc. Granted a number of dailies are just PvP, etc.