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07-16-2012, 12:30 PM
I encounter the very same problem.
At first I though it was because I was unable to save all the federation ships, but it seems to be a general bug as far as I can tell from here.
I finished it for the third time, and while the mission tracker tells me to "Flee Circus - Warp to Bajor", the questlog actually tells me I am at "Second Wave - Disarming Diplomats - Go to Deep Space 9".
I read on some other thread I should not "warp out", but instead "hail the quest npc from the log" as a bandaid - I do not know if this is actually working for someone else, but since my questlog is stuck at the beginning there is no one I could hail.

I assmune most people here would be pretty happy if we got some kind of workaround or at least a eta on when it will be possible to play through the whole story again?

I don't know if this is of relevance for finding the error responsible, but the quest does not seem to "save".
Usuall after I pass a save point I get to "continue Mission AB" if I fly out of the sector, do pvp in betwenn, etc... but in this case I always only get the option to "Begin: Second Wave" - even though I definetly passed savepoints.

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