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07-16-2012, 01:10 PM
sorry to rage here, and i wasnt gonna post about it but its really starting to **** me off

Season 6 has introduced some sort of video memory leak

Not only is it nukara but open a 400 doff roster go from 60 to 15fps
Open Mail go from 60 to 30fps
Play on nukara and watch your fps drop drastically
For me anti aliasing is also now broken with season 6, use to be able to run AA 8x all the time now with AA 8x on as soon as i hover over a tholian in shooter mode the fps goes from 60 to 15

Whoever is in charge of graphical optimisaiton sort your **** out because season 6 is an unoptimised mess

edit : this is on a 4.8ghz i7 2600k and tri sli 470 (older card i know but still works great)