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# 18 Switching characters
07-16-2012, 02:19 PM
+1 from me. Logging out and back in is a waste of time.

They already have my login credentials from logging in the first time. I want a way to simply go back to the character selection screen, select a different character and make that character current. Or even just a dialog box in the current screen with a drop-down of your character names, select one, click okay, and it just swaps you over to that character.

There is no reason to have to log all the way back out unless you literally need to switch between ACCOUNTS, such as switching from your Lifer account to your girlfriend's separate account, or what have you... (M'yeah, like anyone here has a girlfr--... [/trolling] j/k ;] Like I'm one to talk!)

So, yes, please do introduce this. While you're at it, fix the re-login screen. It seems to want me to use my e-mail address and auto-inserts that unhelpfully, even after the switch over to PW which ONLY uses a username and NOT an e-mail as username.

So, yeah, make it remember my ACTUAL login credentials AND ONLY make me use them if I'm switching ACCOUNTS, but NOT if I'm just switching between characters on the SAME ACCOUNT, for which I've already supplied my credentials.