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07-16-2012, 02:39 PM
Originally Posted by boorman73 View Post
Agreed. There should be instructions IN the mail that say how to reclaim them. I always wondered why they put those mail terminals in game when I could read/send mail from anywhere. Now I know!
Aww, geez, can't they just, uhh, MAIL FORWARD the items to me and make the items reclaimable EVERYwhere? *Sigh* I still think it's silly you can't claim items from the MAIL you can read everywhere. I mean, don't they have mail forwarding or interstellar FedEx in the future? Sheesh. Why make the interface more complicated than it needs to be? Why not just have the same mail interface/behavior EVERYwhere? I mean, it seems to me that it also means that when there is a mail bug to fix they've have to code the fix in BOTH places in the game? Unless they use the same code functions & just disable part of it selectively?