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07-16-2012, 04:30 PM
Sadly these special projects will not be much of a focus for my 2 player fleet. Not only is 200k Dilithium extremely expensive, but thinking about, "Ok 200k Dilithium we don't have that much but what we do have we can do many many main projects in military, science, or engineering."

So for critically small fleets [less than 5] those purely eye candy projects are out of our ability even to think about doing. mostly because we could do this one project to 20 other projects and finishing whole tier sections. thus unlocking functionality over opening some windows up.

For larger fleets 25+ or so in size these projects are super easy because the dilithium cost is spread around very nicely.

I know they wont ever include some sort of scaling systems to the number of accounts to a fleet. However they may in 2 or 3 years take mercy on the very few of us who haven't opened up the windows yet and give it to us at a reduced cost.

These eye candy rotating projects are cool but for myself and my other fleet member. they are far far too costly for what little they actually do.
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