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Originally Posted by robdmc View Post
In order to get a fleet ship once the Starbase tier is achieved you need to have 4 Fleet ship modules.

Each Fleet ship module costs 500 Zen

That means you have to spend $20 for a ship with no console/skin and is not an account wide unlock.
Your right, and I agree 100%! This game is very fun, but Cryptic and Perfect World are way too greedy. Isn't the very foundation of the United Federation of Planets generosity amd empathy?! I guess none of that matters out here does it? I look back, and this was all my fault, but still, we have spent over $150.00 on this game! It's obviously not free-to-play if you have to pay to actually have fun. I maybe am being a jerk, but Cryptic doesn't need this money just to maintain the servers. Ex. Say 100 people by one of the 3 Odysseys. $25.00 each (As of late Season Five, at least). That's $250 right there, and there are thousands of people that make purchases like that everyday. 3000x25 is $70,000, get the picture people?