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With the current fleet system, officers in fleets can set up the upcoming projects and see what is up next. This creates an unfair situation in fleets as officers know exactly what they need to gether and where they need to click to donate it when the timer expires. In a system where projects in larger fleets are filled up with a few seconds, this is quite an advantage! Luckily my feelt is quite open about whats up next, but it's certainly an area that can cause conflict where people are having to snipe each other at donating in larger fleets.

Is there any chance the system could be changed to that all members in the fleet can see what fleet project is next in the queue? Not only will this allow everyone to know what to gether, it will also actually help members in fleets warn thier officers if they can see there is no project lined up once one completes.

I really can't see any reason why only officers in fleets should be allowed to see what projects are up next (I understand the permissions in reagrds to setting them). Surely this would be a pretty quick thing to implement as well, since the code is almost there already.

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