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Originally Posted by dalnar83 View Post
And Vorcha is counterpart to what then ?
The Vor'cha was the KDF's answer to the Galaxy. The Sovereign was Starfleet's answer to anything anyone had coming down the line and it ended up being made to kill the Borg. The Negh'var was just the KDF's next big thing....wonder if we'll ever see the Mirror version where they took that a little too literally.

I don't know why the dev's worked things around. They equate size purely to durability I suppose.

By contrast your stock Galaxy is tissue paper compared to a production Defiant (both have Ablative armor). Proof?

The USS Odyssey vs the Jem Hadar and the Defiant deploying mines. Even with her shields down and unable to make evasive maneuvers the Defiant tanked the hell out of the cockroa- I mean Scarabs.

The Sovereign on the other hand is the best of both worlds. It's as durable as the Defiant, the advanced systems shields and speed of the Intrepid, and the power and fire power of the Galaxy and Defiant combined. If they made it the way it is in canon even considering forty years have passed (didn't stop the NCC-1701 from being top of the line to retirement) then it would be the undisputed god of playable ships. Or at least equal to the Negh'var. It took a true monster like the Scimitar (a far more broken Scimitar than what's in game ) to really beat her.

I know they don't want to unbalance the game or anything, and certainly they want there to be incentive to fly other ships....I just wish they'd put the Assault back in our Assault cruiser.
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