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07-16-2012, 05:33 PM
OP you are comparing apples to oranges. as noted previously, you have to get all three Odds to get the benefit of the sets. without all three you are worse off than a gal-r IMHO. the odysseys are tanks. big, slow can't maneuver worth a damn. the Armitage is an escort that happens to have the fighter bay. what you do with that fighter bay is up to you. you can run 2 flights of peregrines (6) or 2 flights of Runabouts (4) or Delta flyers (4) OR you can get the shield repair drones. I ahve not tested the drones so i do not know how effective they are.

as far as which to get? i have both. my tac flys the MVAE, i like the LCDR sci slot better than the fighters, and she also flies the Excelsior. in fact the only toon i have that flys the odd is an engineer i have not moved to an escort, excelsior or Atrox.