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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
This is where Fleet Politics come in -- since the officers (read: fleet ranks with the right permission settings) are able to see the projects, Fleet Leaders, and the fleet as a whole, may want to agree on setting some ground rules for donating. I'll pass along the feedback, but I think you answered your own question in your post
Yeah, no one in Cryptic thought making it a First Come First Serve free-for-all wouldn't be a problem? Fleet projects will more rip fleet unity apart than help it.

It's not 'let's all pull together and get this done', it's 'I'll fill the easy stuff right after I post the Project, you losers grind out the Fleet Marks for me'.

Top guy in our fleet...225K
Second guy... 50k
Yeah, a 4.5 times difference is normal.

How about instead of starting the timer to completion when all mats are filled, have it where every hour in that 24hr countdown, or whatever CD the project has, more mats needs are opened. So if it needs 200 Provisions, then 8-10 can be contributed every hour. That way one guy sitting there (or posting the project) just can't plop down 200 instantly no one else gets to contribute.

OR something more fair, but horribly difficult to pull off I would guess, would be to give everyone something like the account bank where you put your contributions and then when a project comes up it pulls 'equally' from all members who contributed that material.
Sometimes I think I play STO just to have stuff to rant about on the forums!

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