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Having played it twice innTribble before the release.

Yes it was a decent tough fight, but was able to get Lvl 10, twice.

Now, with the current verison...oh heck no. There's are too many ships *at Lvl 5*, with Gravity wells, and shields strippers. You are simply overwhlemed from that point. They sometimes dead target the frieghter and have to sit in horror and watch that ship loses shields and hull in under 30 seconds.

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While I'm not going to complain about not being able to win the "no-win scenario" (like some people on other threads), I'm definitely not happy with the warheads.

I cannot get past level 5 because no one seems to know how to take these things on. I tried to make a run at a group of 3 warheads, with Em Power to Shields 1 and Tac Team 3 active: I was obliterated. I'm running a Patrol Escort with mk12 omega shields. I regularly solo cubes in elite STFs. I cannot believe a torpedo can SHOOT that hard, never mind the explosion.

It just seems like the devs couldn't figure out how to put in enough ships to make it "no-win", so they put in some crazy op "warheads" and said "there, now nobody can win". Might as well just make all our warp cores go critical at the start of the level.

I have heard rumor that these were added as a middle finger to players after a fleet beat the scenario on Tribble, but I don't know how much truth there is to that.

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