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07-16-2012, 09:04 PM
Tholians, Jaradans, Xindi, they all should and could be available if they would make the "ALIEN" selection less limited. Under alien in costume design, it is pretty obvious that they take human models and allow the values to exceed those of human in size.

I am not attacking an editor I haven't unwrapped yet. Most of you know, Cryptic also wrote the editor for Champions Online. I could actually make a better alien there than using the Foundry STO alien editor. But I would expect to see that here on STO where we are dealing with all the unknown life in the universe.

I work with 3D models and I do realize there are issues to overcome. The armatures would require a great deal of work along with new animation sequences. So what I am saying here is, yeah it would be so cool to have access not just to the entire model database, but to simply have the ability to add aliens and animals with multiple limbs and make choices. Maybe my aliens have no head.