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Originally Posted by dracounguis View Post
It's not 'let's all pull together and get this done', it's 'I'll fill the easy stuff right after I post the Project, you losers grind out the Fleet Marks for me'.
This is exactly what I ran into on Tribble.

I joined a testing fleet with one other dude (essentially). I would bust my hump on Fleet Marks to push a project over and when next project would come up and he'd snap up all of the easy contributions, leaving me yet again to grind Fleet Marks.

I was about to post something on the feedback forums asking for more ways to gain Fleet Marks (like doing Patrol Missions), but they shoved this thing to Holodeck right after Tribble Weekend. So, I let it slide.

This thing went to Holodeck WAY too soon, IMHO. Shoulda took another week of feedback gathering and adjustment, TBH.

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