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07-17-2012, 02:25 AM
I've heard the same thing from many other players in-game, that the TR-116 rifle would be a fantastic addition to the C-Store. After all, transphasic kinetic space weapons give a higher shield bleedthrough, so why not give a ground weapon that does the same? Plus, shooting through walls, quite an advantage.

Plus, it also goes with the rounded eye piece that's already in game.

However, looking in to the history behind the weapon on Memory Alpha, it says this under the Apocrypha section.
"The fact that projectile weapons have not become standard-issue is probably a strategic decision by Starfleet; the limited environments and adversaries for which projectile weapons are an advantage over phasers are not sufficient in number or threat to justify the logistical problems of stocking or replicating ammunition. It may also be that the TR-116 is too close to being a strict assassination weapon to comfortably issue, whereas phasers can function as tools in addition to its use as a weapon."
Looking at this, i can understand why it would be limited. Then again, the Shard Sword of Khaless is supposedly rarer, and every Klingon character that has finished the Fekhiri missions has one.

And finally, Devs, if you do put it in the C-Store, PLEASE update the model. Currently, it's a plain old Phaser rifle with silly holographic stuff over it.
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