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07-17-2012, 03:13 AM
I'm not a premium player (not by my choice), but i posted a ticket on 07/08/2012 got a response on 07/09/2012, submitted the required info on 07/09/2012 and since then is total silence.
I can't play, i can't get premium, basically i can't do anything but to check every day if by a miracle i got any response.

I hope i'll see my issue resolved faster (email change) because it's getting annoying to login every day to see i didn't got any answer.

I hope i wont see a troll right now starting to talk about why i didn't checked if my email is still valid. The answer is simple, even if i would know my email address is not valid i can't change it: to change the email address you must click the link from your old email address (?!!? WTH).
I played PWI long time ago and stumbled on STO a month or so ago and started to play.

Anyway back on the Issue, support is bad these days no matter if you're premium or not and this is bad for business. I'm starting to doubt regarding getting premium right now even if my problem is resolved.
If not i'm sure of one thing, i wont start playing again from the start.