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07-17-2012, 04:36 AM
Cure Space Normal.

I log in with my oddy beta build. I had tested already, it had good numbers, I just needed some data on the different console setups. two of us go right, the rest go forward. I assume they wanna defend the Kang, and they will come help us, when they realize their numbers. no, they attacked the forward cube, that means I have to get back defend the Kang, between the left and right cubes.
now that is not a hard thing to do, but it was very uncomfortable, because I was in my frakking oddy, and not an agile ship.

after a while I noticed that the guy on the right still destroyed only three probes, and starts to go on a death streak (not helping the ones in the middle). I cannot help, because I have a hard time manouvering between the two cubes on the sides, so this goes on, the guys start to get the raptors on them, so they go one on one, making the fight as long as possible. I myself got some of those (after some time I had 3) raptors, which I dealt with faster than they did with their ones.

finally the middle cube is gone, so I have to manouver between the two cubes against raptors. still not a big problem, but then a guy started to balme us for failing. first it was everybody who sucked (he was lvl 47, so I highly doubt he had such awesome weaopnry, especially since he was in a DSSV, which I love, but his weapons were both rainbows, and single beams, so this was not maximized DPS anywhere), but then he found me. he started to tell, that I in my oddy (as all in oddies are noobs ofc) am to blame. at this point, I stopped shooting, just so he can demonstarte how to use a DSSV (I told him to defend the Kang, because noone else did, so I had no influence on anything). he went, and when he had 6 raptors around him, and died, I killed those, and then he stopped the flaming in the chat.

we finally got to the final fight, which was another story. they all sat around it, so I got a whole side of the ship alone. when the ship was at 50%, I realized that they are all on the other sides of the ship, and only on my side is the shield down, so in the end it was not me, who failed the valuable optional loot.