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04-27-2009, 06:00 AM
Originally Posted by NephilimNexus View Post
There must be some sort of major typo in this, because I can't seem to find the name "Romulan" anywhere in that list. Clearly this is just a simple mistake, as there is no way they would even consider releasing a Star Trek game where one was limited to just playing the Federation or Klingons. Oh perish the thought! That would just be too silly to believe! Ha ha ha! Good one! But seriously folks ... how detailed will the system be for using our cloaking devices and plasma cannons? Will there be roleplaying opportunities for those who join Praetorian Guard or the Tal-Shiar?

Please let us know when the devs get around to fixing out that simple typographical error lest you scare your potential playerbase into a panic, and fill us in on the details for our Warbird ship designs. Thanks!
I think their point is that the Romulans won't be available at release to reflect the utter disarray of the Romulan Empire following the events of ST:N.