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# 1 PVP CHallenge Bug
07-17-2012, 04:35 AM
yes folks yet another broken item.

to the Dev team,

unfortunately unless you want to constantly run around the assimilated cruiser i wouldnt for the moment engage in any PVP challenges with ppl as the menu that lets you select what map the challenge will take place in will not stay open for you to slect a map

if opens then closes instantly.. really irritating as my friends and i often like going a few rounds with each other and we cant at the moment except for the one map.

i know that that is a really minor bug but could you at least sneak in the fix by this thursdays patch please ??

also i echo the sentiments of most of the others on the forum asking you please fix the exchange ?

and finally a couple of small glitches at the fleet starbase system.

1. occasionally when you beam aboard your station (usually as a team) some of us often fall through the map into space (the glitch is iregular but happens)

2. please can you fix the beam up button when your aboard the station so it beams you to you ship inside the starbase system instead of putting me back in Eta Eridai sector block all the time

thnx for reading .. if i notice anymore i'll post em up