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07-17-2012, 05:18 AM
Originally Posted by wolfpacknz View Post
Yes that fleet was the Sad Pandas. Quite frankly I think it was childish of Gozer to throw in the Bio-N platforms that fire off these warheads like a missile battery, I have seen 5 or 6 simultaneously deployed from one at any given time. I stopped playing No Win because of this.

The fleet that beat No Win, were not a normal fleet, they are known for being Elite, right up there at the top of the game, and steamrolling pretty much everything that gets in front of them, and they deserve credit for achieving that. They do not sit where the rest of us play at so why should the rest of us get punished because of this???

Think it's time these platforms got a serious looking at, or at least toned down because battery firing Bio Neurals is not no win, it's actually just cheating and exploiting by the Dev that put them in in the first place out of shear pettiness and childishness. Just a tantrum...
Honestly the difficulty did need to be jacked up, it was way too easy before. But he went a bit overboard... or at least he went overboard too early. The jump between 4 & 5 is ridiculous and it needs to be smoothed out. Where 5 is at right now should probably be how hard 7 or 8 is. Then if you need to scale it up drastically from there to make it virtually impossible, go ahead.