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Originally Posted by atrus19 View Post
RETROfit. God I am tired of people confusing these two things. A refit is the difference between Enterprise TOS and Enterprise A. A RETROfit is gutting a hull and rebuilding it from the inside.
Funny thing is... Your example of "the difference between Enterprise TOS and Enterprise A", matches perfectly for what you define as a RETROfit. The TOS Enterprise and the TMP Enterprise (1st, 2nd and 3rd movies) was in fact the SAME ship. The TOS Enterprise underwent a 2-year refit process, which essentially made it look and feel like a new ship, but it was still the original.

In reality, a REfit and a RETROfit is the same thing. Just so happens that Cryptic decided to use 2 separate terms, to make it seem different.

In regards to the Excelsior, it's wholly wrong for it to have more hull hitpoints than ANY of the 24th/25th Century ships. The Lakota refit of the Excelsior Class might conceivably have higher hull value compared to the standard Excelsior. But that would be a marginal increase, certainly not superior to the Ambassador, Galaxy or Sovereign Class. Much less, the Odyssey.

TL;DR: Galaxy Class is still the ****tiest T5 Cruiser in the game.