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07-17-2012, 05:47 AM
The problem here is the fact we are facing weapons that are suposed to be strong, buffed by NPC setting which are x70%(i dont remember the number off hand) stronger than the players own values. NPC have been set up with low amounts of powers and weapons but have built in damage mods and deffesive buffs to there stats instead of of increasing the weapons and abilities they use. The NPC bio-neural warheads have a substantial amount of shielding hull and damage compaired to what the player is given. Instead of actually fixing the problem of horrible balance of stupidly high dps over low survivability for NPCs is rather game breaking in of its self.

In the TV shows the long drawn out battles are instead shortened to really high action scenes due to budgest reason and even then the high action scenes often contradict the facts of what would of happend like for example in the DS9 episode "Sacrifice of Angels" not one shield effect showed up in the battle. It was a horrible Star Trek battle(im not saying it was terrible but it didnt do star trek justice), it simply was way to Star Wars or similar sci fyi type. Every thing that really made star trek was thrown out the void for explosions. Too much pew pew BOOM not enough shield down to 80% orders captian.

That in itself has been horribly transferred to STO. STO is hit them till there dead where as in Star Trek its out think, out plan, and out maneuver them till they cant fight back(surrendered/disabled/destroyed). Too much pew pew BOOM not enough shield down to 80% orders captian agine. Give all NPC innate abilities to heal them selfs like 2 emergency power to shield. Letting NPCs heal there shield and lower the damage output of weapons should make battle more interesting and actually balance the game PVE/P wise a little. Also more abillities to deal damage and/or debuff will help allow players to obtain training on how to deal with the more advance situations with out the horrendous 1shot insta-death weapons(NPC fired Bio Nural warhead for EX).
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