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Originally Posted by karmapoint View Post
1 - Klingon Academy, Federation Academy: You Can't finish any console mission, because the both consoles (one of the chip, other of the lore) become intouchable, you can't touch the console and open the questionary or finish the quest.
Thank goodness others have this. I was laggy when I tried to do this after S6 went live, and I was worried I'd corrupted the character somehow. I've already filed a bug report, but it's kind of a relief knowing the character's fine, it's the game's fault.

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Torpedo issues since S6:

Heavy Torpedos fired by enemy ships loop back around and strike the same ship that fired it. I played STO all day yesterday, and approximately 75% of all heavy torpedos fired at me, struck the ship that launched them. It got to the point where I stopped shooting at the torpedos, because they did more damage to the enemy than they did to me. BTW when the enemy torpedos hit the enemy ship that launched them, it DID damage them.
A D'deridex killed itself with it, it was hilarious and awesome.

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