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Funny thing is... Your example of "the difference between Enterprise TOS and Enterprise A", matches perfectly for what you define as a RETROfit. The TOS Enterprise and the TMP Enterprise (1st, 2nd and 3rd movies) was in fact the SAME ship. The TOS Enterprise underwent a 2-year refit process, which essentially made it look and feel like a new ship, but it was still the original.

In reality, a REfit and a RETROfit is the same thing. Just so happens that Cryptic decided to use 2 separate terms, to make it seem different.
You are on the right track. The Enterprise Refit was really a Retrofit. But Retrofit does not mean the same as Refit.

When you refit a ship you replace the worn out hardware with new items of the same type, IE you replace an engine with a new copy of the same engine. While a retrofit means to take an old ship and replace that engine with a totally new make of engine. Normally you don't say a ship is a retrofit, rather you say something was retrofitted to the ship; eg: "the USS Decatur DD-936 was retrofitted with the Terrier missile and became DDG-31". A ship that has undergone the retrofit of say a weapon is said to have been converted (if it changes what type of role the ship plays), "the USS Decatur was converted from Destroyer to Guided Missile Destroyer".

In the rebuilding of the Enterprise for ST:TMP she was retrofitted with new engines and weapons and converted in to a new class of cruiser. While every time she stopped at a Starbase for repairs was a refit.
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