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07-17-2012, 10:08 AM
i recently did second wave on my new Ferasan K'Law (a science officer). True to the form of this thread, at the end of the mission (despite completing all objectives and optionals) I was rudely deposited at DS9 rather than in orbit of Bajor. I tried a few things, logging off and on, warping to bajor and then back to ds9.

My only option was to rerun the mission (I didn't drop it before beginning again). Did everything the same, except deliberately crapped out on the optionals for the sake of time (and since I already had the accolades from the first run) and after the battles outside DS9, I clicked on the ops message then closed it without proceeding, let the red alert run out. then clicked on the ops message again. At this point my mission window was saying Warp To Bajor (report to commander meso thingy) not DS9 so i clicked go and was able to complete the mission. Also then did the borefest that is Of Bajor as quickly as i could.

Not sure where the bug is, but this seemed to work for me.

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