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07-17-2012, 11:44 AM
I sold some zen when the server came up with season 6 and did well because of people not understanding the conversion rates. Anyway i got my dilithium immediately. so unless there has been a subsequent patch that has broken the exchange I think you need to check your offers.

your dilithium will not sell until there is a matching buyer. have you checked that the price you are offering to sell your dilithium at is in the range that other players are willing to buy for.

e.g is you are selling at 300 dil per zen, but people are buying at 270 dil per zen, then your sale will not go through until the price rises again or the expiry timeout is reached.

Also if you are selling at the same price as a lot of other people, there is no guarantee that all your dil will sell at the same time, as deals all other buyers and sellers are met from the same two pots of dil/zen. If a particular deal eats into your section of the dil pot, then you will recieve an appropriate amount from the zen pot.

Edit: I just sold 50 zen on the exchange at the 260 price per zen and it went through immediately. I am guessing you are possibly pricing yourselves out of the current market price which is deflated (just below the 270ish mark you would expect after the zen conversion)

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