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07-17-2012, 12:29 PM
Our original post has been edited to provide more information about our new starbase positions. Take a look!

We're happy to announce that Captains Martin Vonholt, "Doctor" Janos Faux, and Pa'tah have joined the 26th Fleet!

Excerpt from our fleet news this week:

Recruiting Drives, Fleet Alerts, and Doctors, oh my!

What a hectic few days it's been for the 26th!

To start, we've consistently been adding new officers to the roster--all of whom display some of the best roleplaying I've seen in Star Trek Online. We're very pleased to have you all with us; the 26th is shaping up to be one of the best roleplaying communities in the game. So here's a big warm welcome to all of our new members!

As the roster grows, so does the site. I've been busy updating permissions, setting up forums, and fleshing out some of the informational pages in an effort to provide you all with a place to socialize and to give you references for roleplay.

Most recently added was a page for SB381 Praetorian, which features technical statistics and a listing of some major NPC characters who call the starbase home. For those interested in a more sedentary position in the fleet, we'll be offering characters positions on Praetorian if that is more you thing.

We've also added a story page which highlights the major plot points currently taking place. Be sure to read up and get an idea of where the 26th is at.

Keep checking back with the site as we'll be updating more and more as time goes on. Don't forget to get involved in the forums as it's a great place to meet your fellow officers and chat about the game.

In-game, we've already seen some great roleplaying. With the appointment of Captain Erik Fury to command of Task Force Avalon, you can expect to see some scheduled events kicking off very soon. He's also been leading teams into Starbase Fleet Alerts for members who want to see some action and collect marks to contribute to starbase construction.

Speaking of starbase construction, officers of the 26th have graciously offered their extra resources to start up development of SB381 Praetorian. We've already completeed two projects--two more of which are cooking right now--and another is nearing completion. Way to go!

Finally, I'd like to personally thank Erika Angrisano for helping get the 26th up and running. Your effort these last couple of days has been very much appreciated.

To all of you, I'm really excited about what's in store for the 26th. Things are really picking up!