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07-17-2012, 12:44 PM
i am a tac officer and i got the atrox. at first i did not like it, but i gave it another try and now really enjoy it. typically i spend about 50/50 between escorts and cruisers, but now use the atrox quite a bit.

i use tetryon dual beam banks and beams with a few heals; tac team, extend shields and hazard emitters. this set up works great in CSE and some of the new season 6 missions where heals come in handy.

i prefer the danube runabouts in the hanger (tried them all and swear by danubes). once you get the hang of commanding the hanger ships you can be quite effective in any situation.

at first i was too aggressive in this ship (this ship does not turn the best for sure) and did not make good use of the hanger ships. now i play a little more relaxed and let the danubes do the work.