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# 1 Starbase Incursion 101
07-17-2012, 12:53 PM
Stage 1) Kill Saboteurs

Photobucket - Stage 1

- It's easier for everyone involved if the team splits in to five areas.

* NW quadrant
* NE quadrant
* SW quadrant
* SE quadrant
* Center

- The Saboteurs have fixed spawn points on the map, but spawn in random sequence.

Total Saboteur Team Kills Rating
<15 You are doing it wrong
~20 You are doing ok
30< You are doing well

Stage 2) Kill 4 specific Saboteurs

Photobucket, Stage 2

Stage 2 needs to be completed fast in order to make it to the Captain on time during Stage 3. It's best to duo or solo the four Saboteurs to give the team enough time for the third stage.

Stage 3) Kill Captain + Guards + Boss

Photobucket, Stage 3

The Captain is inside the force field in the center of the room, the Captain starts his Progress Bar for beaming out after the team triggers the proximity radius OR if the Mission Timer passes a specific threshold.
The faster you clear stage 2 the more time you have for the Captain.

The two guard clusters spawns infront and behind the center.

The boss and Captain are inside the force field, but are easily dealt with.

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