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07-17-2012, 01:42 PM
I'll state again for the person who didn't read it in my first post:

We accept that it's "no-win" and nearly impossible, that's cool!

We are upset that at level 5, tank cruisers are getting ruined by a point defense system on a torpedo.

I consider myself to be an "above-average" player, full mk12 gear. I regularly solo cubes in ESTFs, I have no problem with most other ships short of a full tac cube. I explode if a bio-neural targets me, hands down, every time. I have all accx2 or better weapons, rapid fire, AP:B3 and tac team 3 up, and I typically cannot destroy more than 1 of these things.

I'd like to see all of the "instant death" mechanics removed completely. Bio-neurals are near-instant, and could probably be considered balanced if their point defense was simply removed altogether for this mission. But whatever that white thing is that Neg'vars are suddenly shooting that one shots me is incredibly annoying, and not just on no-win. At least the Borg's
heavy plasma's are target-able, if ridiculously hard to hit.

The other answer might be that there is some unknown way of taking down the warheads: pull a Kirk, if you will. As far as I know, no one has beaten it since they added the warheads on Tribble - I have yet to hear of anyone in STFVeterans or FleetEvent channels getting past level 6.

Have there been any dev postings or blogs about the warheads being added anywhere? I haven't seen any yet.