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07-17-2012, 04:08 PM
Funny thing is that I read this thread shortly after it had been created and ignored it, because I had completed the third to last mission in the 'Undine Advance' arc, without any cam problems whatsoever. That mission involves both ground and space combat and everything seemed to run as expected, with 'follow target' working as it always had.

Yet today, things were sorely different.

A buddy of mine was finally free to indulge in some STFs with me. I only ever STF with him and we hadn't run an STF together in well over a month. We were on voice chat, as usual, and immediately upon beginning our first STF run he alarmingly asks "WTH happened to 'follow target' cam??!!" At this point, I hadn't even engaged the enemy.

Sure enough, I engage those pesky Borg and my cam was in full-on 'free mode'. Upon completing that first STF, I checked my UI cam options controls and verified that 'follow target' was selected.

Second STF run? Still no 'follow target' love.

After a few runs, I suggested we head to Nakura, to see the Tholians in a ground engagement for the first time, despite the fact that my pal hates ground play. Thankfully, despite fairly bad lag (and I seldom ever experience lag), we saw some Tholians. Yet, I only ever saw them ever so briefly, as I discovered that 'follow target' cam seems to be broken in ground engagements as well.

This seriously needs to be fixed ASAFP!!! Unlike say a missing texture on a ship's bridge or somesuch, this glitch wretchedly hinders game play.
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