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Originally Posted by arcadis15 View Post
Does anyone know the cool down for the Fed Personnel DOFF recruiter. I do those missions that take three days, but then after they are over those same missions are unclickable for an undertermined amount of time before I can do them again. It seems that the "General Recruitment" mission has a different cooldown then the others as I can do that one more often. If anyone knows please let me know or just point me in the right direction.


P.S. Sorry if there is a tread or info on this somewhere already. I've tried to look it up myself.
I think it is accept mission, run 2 days, claim...and wait 3 additional days (total of 5 days from start to restart) before you can do ti again. If I remember correctly.

Or it might be a full 5 days after the mission completes. One or the other.