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07-17-2012, 04:50 PM
Originally Posted by vyristykin View Post
I'm suffering the same issue with the Chase Camera. I fly with my mouse but when I let go of it I like it when the camera snaps back behind my ship. Instead, I fly with my mouse for a few seconds and I can tell exactly when the camera switched back to Free because my ship stops turning with my mouse. I have to lift my fingers off the mouse and click both buttons again. It's very annoying and happens EVERY time I switch back to Chase Camera.

PLEASE FIX. I've already submitted a bug report.
Not a fix, but a band-aid.

type the following in the chat line:

/bind x camUseChaseCam 1

If the game 'forgets' you had chase cam, you can press the 'x' key to remind it. Change 'x' to any keyboard key you want.