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There is was.....

I can only wish I could play sto on my iPad, but then I'd never get anything done at work.

There I was.......

PuGed into an ISN.

I said, 'hi' as usual.

No response as usual.

I flew over to the first group and start shooting.

I look around all the other ships were missing.

Two oddys had gone left, a kink and a cruser had gone right.

All of them had technicolor rainbow beams.

I think 'oh great'

I got the first group killed but by the time I was done there were probes and spheres everywhere.

None of the other ships were doing much damage and they were shooting the spheres rather than the probes or nodes.

I checked stats, all instant admirals.

I joined in the two on the left side.

I said kill the nodes and probes.

The response was 'Fu noobe.'

I killed the remaining nodes and started on the probes.

Then one of the right side people started yelling that we were all noobes and always supposed to start on the right side.

I typed, 'your supposed kill the entry group before you go left or right.'

He just started in with the usual noobe this and noobe that.

I watched the team screen as everyone was dying over and over again.

I PMed the mouthy guy and said, 'look who the noobe is now' about the 5th time he died.

No response.

About 45 minutes later everything was finally dead.

Two guys took off without their goodies.

I really think that if someone takes off without their goodies they should go to the other players in the puG.

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