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07-17-2012, 08:11 PM
this is my 4th toon... previously, i've had no problems with this mission, 'second wave'. i am playing as a kdf captain and have wasted about 20k GPL trying to complete it... same problem as everyone else... one thing i have noticed, i can't' seem to convince staas to 'comply' {?} even though i completed the optional... several times the doff missions even fail to start. in order to get them to start, i have to drop the mission log out, and back in hours later. i have not tried it in a group this time around and am willing to give that a go, but there is definitely something wrong with this mission. some have said lvl 50 captains are the ones having problems... i am lvl 50... devs, please fix. any constructive advise is welcome. thanks in advance!