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Originally Posted by dapperdrake View Post
How can you be sure when klink is an instant admiral?
Because, if you check my stats. I'm instant admiral. I just have 4820 points of accolade. I agree that is really poor in spite of I already ran more than 300 STF.
Under 4000 accolade points with technicolor rainbow beams and a DPS that couldn't kill a simple probe and flying an oddy is a dead giveaway. Instant admiral. And I'm not saying the oddy is a bad ship, it just needs to be set up right just like any other ship. Instant admirals are usually clueless on ship setup.

I'm currently conducting an experiment with a second character in a F2P setting which is not in any way connected to my main character other than as a friend for trading. That character has under 400 accolade points and is a lt commander 15. It's doing very few missions but is doing all the doff mission it can. The ship has tremendous firepower compared to ships of the same rank because I'm feeding it from my paid character. I'm also feeding it all the doff officers I can from the paid account.

I don't have time to play constantly so seeing how fast it can rank is out of the question. But overall this character has been going for about ten days. I'm pretty sure I can reach instant admiral within a few days just using the doff missions.

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