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07-18-2012, 08:07 AM
Originally Posted by kobayashlmaru View Post
Bait and switch on Cryptic's part or your fleet's? Why not just pick another fleet that will give you access?

Also, How is this a bait and switch? The item will still do what it says it will do.
^ I have to agree with this. I think bait is switch is used to much by people who don't know what a bait and switch is. this isn't a bait and switch. this is what happens when you have a bad fleet leader. the item you got still does it's job. it lets you buy your fleet ships. but fleet ships are controlled by your fleet. ( kind of why they are called fleet ships )

But it is not bait and switch. The item still does that it is advertised to do. It is not like you bought a fleet ship only to find out that it is a runabout. OP if you go to a good fleet. then you can get what you want. As long as their star base is at the tier that is needed for the ship that you want.