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07-18-2012, 09:09 AM
Per the KO from falling discussion: I know from experience that you can't die from falling no matter how far in the Foundry, and this is true both in testing and in published versions.

The way I know is that when I first published "Over There" I had a couple friends come along and test it. The mission has a couple maps built about 800 units up in the air over a ground map, the very first thing my hapless companions did was jump out the window. They lived, but they couldn't get back up so I had to finish the map for them.

So what I do now is any time I build a map this way that has any kind of opening, I put a little trap at the bottom. Usually it's a member of the Q who makes fun of you, then spawns a hundred targs to kill you so you respawn back on the proper map and finish the mission

Boffs do die though, FYI.
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