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07-18-2012, 08:27 AM
concerning post 711 to 714:

i had about gave up using the computer because i liked the iPad2 so much. this game is what got me back on the computer.

i feel lucky that i do not run into rainbows and skittles as much as some players do. beleive it or not i have seen a couple escorts firing DHC skittles that were not all that bad.

my theory is people repeat what they have heard to make themselves feel better. a guy is called a nood so he calls you a noob. my number one indicator of a fail mission is someone starting with the noob name calling.

instant admirals....i started playing and knew nothing about the game. i had rainbows, weird console set ups, poorly trained officers, etc., but i made admiral very fast. i didn't time it, but it did not take me long.

i have checked around and found a lot of players do not go after accolades, so i'm not sure of how good an idicator accolades are. personally i am very aggressive about getting them.

now for a worst STF experience:

the vault became more difficult after season 6 or so it seems. big ships can't get in which i think was more of a mental crutch than real help in the vault.

i need very few datalogs to upgrade to mk12 on my reman set. i was frustrated after season 6 kicked in because my success rate in the vault really decreased. i noticed players were not aggressive enough primarily and many apparently do not know the objecties.

i stayed up late, tired, to do a round of vault missions one night. no one was getting the objective 32 as i was getting attacked left and right on the otherside. i kept waiting for someone to get 32. i stated "no one knows the objectives?" no reply. i just set there and started explaining how the vault should be done.

one guy tells me to shut up and to start shooting. i explained we were going to lose because no one was taking care of 32 and time was running out.

sure enough we lose without getting 32 remodulated. the worst vault ever.