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Originally Posted by mikewendell View Post
It's been mentioned a couple of times in passing with (I forget who) saying that it worked for them. I;d have to dig for the thread since I can't find it right off.

For me, I can;t see the titles in the picture slidey thingie at the top left.

*chuckle* Last time I had one of these with the client being able to see the pictures and no one else, the pictures where still linked to their C drive.
I made the comment when the website merger first took place.

I believe it was PWE_Branflakes that said that he didn't seem to have any issues (of course, right?)

At any rate, it's not that images don't work ever, it's that they don't work most of the time I can refresh a page a dozen times and out of that maybe a couple times the images will load. Every other time I get "Error 400: Bad Request"

Here's some examples from the most recent devblog:

Tholian Orb Weaver

Mirror Universe Ships

Recluse Carrier

Tholian Crystal Sword

As of this posting all of these images seem to be working for me (of course, they work NOW). They weren't working just a few hours ago. Who knows if they will work in a few hours from now? The same for nearly every other image for this website.

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